Lumia 2520

According to a report over on Tech Radar, Nokia is working on a second Windows 8 tablet, but this will instead be an 8-inch solution, much like the Dell Venue 8 Pro. Previously referred to as the Lumia 2020, this unannounced Windows tablet has been spotted on with the codename RX-115.

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So what exactly makes this 8.3-inch device special? How does a full HD IPS display sound? This appears to be the "Illusionist" that has been in the new previously. With the mysterious device listed over on Zauba, the Lumia 2020 has made its way to India for testing and evaluation. We're looking at the RX-115 as a Nokia product, simply because it has appeared before over on AdDuplex.

Lumia 2020 India Document

While the above documentation describes the RX-115 as a cellphone, it would be a super large smartphone at 8-inches. Thus, we can only see this as a smaller Nokia Windows tablet, but it could be classed as a mobile phone with the nano-SIM slot, enabling wireless data connectivity. We'll hopefully have more information in the near future.

If you require something larger than 8-inches, say hello to the Lumia 2520.

Source: Zuaba, via: Tech Radar