Remember Place Tag beta? We barely do but at the time, it was a unique photo capturing experience in testing from Nokia. The app would let you take a picture and then create a virtual postcard by using location data and a template for text. Afterwards, you could share the creation with others. Place Tag was previewed in Barcelona earlier in 2013 at Mobile World Congress and then released in March.

This morning, Nokia has sent out emails announcing that the app and program have come to end. While that’s a bit of a shame, it’s more interesting to see what they’ve learned from the project.

In a snippet from the email:

“We have received a good amount of very high quality feedback, and kind of start to have an idea what the future direction of the technology should be. Our key learnings are that

  • embedding actionable metadata in photographs is in general definitely a good idea;
  • there are many interesting info categories besides POIs;
  • this type of functionality should be integrated in the default capturing + viewing flow (not requiring a separate app);
  • increasing the compass accuracy is vital.”

Since the release of this app, we have witnessed an explosion of third party apps for Windows Phone that basically do the same thing. For instance, the poplar and Nokia-sponsored app SophieLens HD has a similar and more robust postcard experience. Weather photography apps like Ciel have also done their part to convey a location-postcard experience.

It will be interesting to see if Nokia embeds Place Tag into their Nokia Camera app going forward. We think they should, but what about you folks? Need a refresher on what Place Tag was? Just watch our video above.

Source: Nokia Beta Labs (email); Thanks, Sarthak G., for the tip