Nokia Storyteller

Nokia Storyteller was removed from the Windows Phone Store after the most recent update caused issues for consumers. The Nokia app allows consumers to sort through their galleries and categorise photos into easy-to-navigate albums. An interesting twist to the story was only low-end hardware were unaffected by the issues, leaving those with more powerful smartphones in the dark with no working app.

The manufacturer has since published the app on the Nokia Collection with a new release, not only that but we have a minor update for Nokia Camera too. 

Version is the version we're looking at today, which likely fixes all the bugs we previously reported on. The app is now once again available for all Nokia Windows Phones, offering the awesome solution to consumers who previously held off updating. Should you be one of those people, it's now safe to grab the latest release from the store.

Nokia Camera

Not only do we have the update for Storyteller, bringing the app back to Windows Phone, but Nokia also updated its Camera application. Unfortunately, we're not sure what's new in this release, pinning everything on bug fixes and minor improvements. This app bundles both the Pro and Smart Cam apps into one solution.

That said, it's good to see more updates published to the store and this bump takes the app to version Let us know if you spot anything else new in the Nokia Camera update.

You can download both Nokia Storyteller (Nokia Lumia Amber update required) and Nokia Camera (Nokia Lumia Black update required) from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store for free (QR codes below). Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

QR: Nokia Storyteller     QR: Nokia Camera