Red Lumia 928

Last week, Windows Phone Central reported on firmware being visible on Nokia’s servers for the Lumia 928 disclosing a “red” edition with a new product code: RM-860 VAR VRZ RED (059R227). At the time, the speculation seems to point to an obvious conclusion: Verizon and Nokia were gearing up for a red Lumia 928 to help refresh the line.

Now, an image posted by Nokia US on their Facebook page appears to reveal the glossy, candy-red device for the first time. The image posted was not meant to highlight a red Lumia 928, but instead bolster the chemical testing process Nokia uses to ensure that the polycarbonate they use holds up under duress.

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While eight phone shells are revealed, the red one clearly matches the Lumia 928 design to the tee (you can even see a white one next to it). It is however missing the speaker grill and '4G LTE' logo on the back, hinting that this is an early prototype and not production line level quite yet. 

We have to admit, that bright glossy red looks great on the device and we hope that this means the red edition is around the corner.

Officially speaking, Nokia and Verizon have not announced a red variant of the Lumia 928, but hope springs eternal.

Source: Facebook; Thanks, Anthony V., for the tip