During our recent interview with Nokia’s Chris Weber we asked whether or not the company would start showing off some specific features of their Lumia 920 (and other phones) in targeted ads. It looks like the answer is yes as Nokia today posted a new video urging users to switch to Lumia as the 920 and 820 are shown off.

As expected the ad concentrates on just a few specific areas of the Windows Phone 8 Lumia line: excellent photography, wireless charging and augmented reality (City Lens).

The style of the ad nicely juxtaposes with Microsoft’s own Windows Phone 8 ads with their “Meet the new Windows Phone 8 Reinvented Around You” message (see below) and we have a feeling the two companies collaborated to maintain that consistency.

The ad is of course dubbed with a British accent, which will never fly over here in the States but that’s a trivial thing that can be overcome to make this more regional friendly. After all, no one actually talks in the video making this ready to be translated into other international markets.

Everyone is a critic with commercials on the internet, which means some of you will love this while others will throw a hissy fit as it doesn’t fit with your vision. Personally, we think it’s a solid ad that highlights the varied colored range, excellent features while maintaining a simple message. It’s not an ad that will go viral but it’s classy and well done for what it is

Now it’s your turn. Sound off in comments and vote below on yay or nay! (If mobile, head to m.wpcentral.com/nokia-reveals-new-tv-ad-users-switch-lumia to vote or just use the Open in IE option in our App).