There are some of us who require a mobile phone with multiple SIMs, whether this be due to having two numbers or be frequently traveling abroad with a local SIM on-hand to avoid extreme contract fees. Nokia has dual-SIM hardware available within its Asha line of low-end smartphones, but we're yet to see a Windows Phone support this feature.

That's about to change, account to a new tweet by leakster @evleaks with the codename "Moneypenny" being thrown into the mix. We previously looked at Moneypenny when both itself and "Goldfinger" were unveiled, the former reported to introduce Jedi hand gesture support.

Rum: 9

We've given this a 9 on the Rum'o'meter simply because we can definitely see this happening in the low to mid range of Nokia's Windows Phone family. That and @evleaks is generally accurate when it comes to leaked hardware. 

Evleaks Dual SIM Nokia Tweet

Dual-SIM devices are huge in emerging markets like India and not so much in the US or Western Europe, so this will probably fall into the Lumia 5xx or 6xx range. As always with rumours, we recommend you take this with a grain of salt. Would you be interested in picking one up, depending on specifications and pricing?

Source: Twitter (@evleaks)