Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices on Sept 5th

The crafty cats over at WPDang are hearing rumours that Nokia could be set to announce their first Windows Phone 8 devices on September 5th. They are suggesting that the new devices may be called the "Lumia 910" and "Lumia 920". As ever, we suggest filing this under *rumour* but WPDang have a good track record on these things.

At the site, they are also hinting that September 5th could be when Microsoft reveal more details about Windows Phone 8. It’s good to keep in mind that the dev event where Windows Phone 8 was initially launched did not go into specifics of end user features or UX changes. There is still much to come.

Interestingly, WPDang are unable to confirm any hint of Nokia Pureview technology being available in either of these two Lumias. If the failure to confirm a presence of Pureview on the two initial devices means the phones will be launching without that technology then that’s going to raise a few eyebrows. Nokia is betting big on imaging technology being a major differentiator in its smartphones.

The recent acquisition of the specialist imaging software company Scalado and its heavy investment in Pureview suggest that Nokia is serious about its future imaging plans. Were they not to leverage these technologies into their first generation Windows Phone 8 handsets they would be missing a huge opportunity.

We are always keen to hear your take, so please feel free to air your thoughts in the comments.

Source: WPDang