Lumia 800

Dobroye utro to our Russian friends yearning for a Nokia Lumia 800.  We just got word Nokia Russia announced that starting on December 1st, you can pick up your very own Nokia Lumia 800. Only caveat is that you have to buy it directly from a Nokia store--at least for now. In two weeks, we'll see a more general and traditional rollout across the country.

Even better? The flagship Nokia store in Moscow is looking to hold a celebration for the event, including offering a 10% discount and other prizes for those who register (via Facebook) and show up (translated):

"In the flagship salon in Moscow for the occasion will be a festive event. The first half hour after the announcement of the start of sales at the counter will be Eric Bertman, vice president and general manager of Nokia in Eurasia, and Nikolai Pryanishnikov, president of Microsoft in Russia. Hurry up to buy Nokia Lumia 800 of the first-hand =) Discount for Nokia Lumia 800 is waiting for you on the day of start of sales! Reserve a place for 10% discount on the page of the event"

Sounds like a good time and a great way to get a Lumia not only early but discounted. Good luck to anyone who attends (drop us some photos if you're there).

Source: Nokia Russia (Facebook); Thanks, Andrey M., for the tip!