We’re big fans of Nokia’s Drive+ Beta app for Windows Phone but we’re the first to tell you it’s lacking some major features when you compare it to non-free apps like Navigon (our current favorite navigation app). But we always knew that with Nokia it was just a waiting game: whatever isn’t here today, will be added by them in the future, they just need some time to catch up.

Word has it from one of the Nokia HERE team, Pino Bonetti, that the “beta” status of Drive+ will soon be lifted and thankfully, live traffic data for route calculation will be added. The info comes via Pino’’s twitter account and since he often speaks for the HERE team, we can bank of the commitment.

While no exact ETA has been given on when Drive+ will get traffic and come out of beta, the “soon” part raises an eyebrow. As you know, next week in London, Nokia will be doing some announcements and while a new device (or two) is expected, they usually tie in some software announcements as well.

In other words, we wouldn’t be surprise if that whole transition happens in the next few weeks (or at least is announced). What do you think?

All Windows Phone 8 users can pick up Drive+ Beta from Nokia here in the Store.

Source: Twitter; via WinPhoneLive.ru; Thanks, Stanislav

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