Nokia Poland has released a new video on its YouTube channel, showing the city of Kraków from above. The company has previously teased the "Nokia Copter" (see this video for the copter device itself) with numerous short films, but today viewers are able to see the end result. Recorded on a Lumia 1020, we're able to see sections of the city from unique angles.

It's an interesting way to show off the OIS (optical image stabalisation) and capabilities of the camera. Being able to show the city at both night and day helps provide an insight into how the atmosphere alters after sunset. Note: we strongly recommend you watch these clips in HD. Wait, we mentioned clips, but there's only one published? 

The team will likely be releasing more clips, focusing on certain parts of the city highlighted in the above video. There are a collection of videos that are waiting to be published (and are viewable on the channel itself if you wait until the first video is finished, shh), so we assume there will be a gradual roll out - and we wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for you.

For now, enjoy the recording above and keep an eye out for updates on the Nokia Poland YouTube channel. Oh, and for those interested, the song is Something Real by Koorba, featuring Joanna. Thanks,, for the tip!