Nokia has pushed a new video to their YouTube account demonstrating the strengths of their PureView camera found on the Lumia 925. But instead of just rattling off specs, they take the fight directly to Apple, challenging the notion that quantity does not equal quality by pitting it against the iPhone 5. While the video is sure to ruffle some feathers, it's a valid differentiator between the two phones and one worth highlighting to consumers.

The commercial shows various side by shots between the two devices for everyday events with users snapping away pics while a voice over talks about what makes the Lumia 925 so special. Highlighting such features as OIS (optical image stabilisation), sixth lens and PureView technology, which gets name-dropped, can go a long way towards building a brand name around this significant selling point for Nokia.

No word if this ad will actually air on TV, where it can have more of an impact for sales, though we’re sure hoping it does. It’s a good ad, even if it mimics Apple’s commercials just a tad. Clearly Nokia has a lot riding on PureView for the Lumia brand. And with the 1020 getting a lot of attention, it’s good to see them spreading that coverage towards their other devices as well as they deserve it.

Our sister site iMore will be doing a shootout with the Lumia 925 and iPhone 5 soon. We’ll keep you posted on what they find.

Here's the iPhone 5 advertisement that Nokia were using for their own marketing video above:

Source: YouTube (1) (2), via: UKMobileReview; thanks, James, for the tip!