Vine for Windows Phone

Earlier today Nokia took the stage to show off the Lumia 1020 and some exclusive apps. Those apps include the likes of Path, Flipboard, Panagraph, Oggl Pro, and Vine. No, we weren’t watching some special live stream where they announced Vine, but they did. Details after the break.

Head on over to the press release that Nokia released and read this beautiful snippet:

“Hipstamatic showcased Oggl PRO, an exclusive application for the Nokia Lumia 1020 offering the most advanced smartphone camera controls for their creative community. It was also announced that popular applications Vine, Path and Flipboard will soon be available on Windows Phone.”

So why didn’t Vine get announced on stage? We’re not sure. Could it be a typo in the press release? Maybe. We’ll be sure to find out what the deal is with Vine. But you might get an official one sooner than you think.

Ninja update: The Windows Phone Blog is saying the same thing. That Vine is coming to Windows Phone. We'll find out if this a Lumia exclusive or will be available for all devices. 

Update: We can confirm Nokia is working with Vine on the app. No info on dates for release or exclusivity, but it is on the way!

Thanks for spotting that Bilal K! And Hugo

Source: Nokia Press Release