I'm sure no one believed Nokia would be able to move to Windows Phone 7 and be selling handsets left, right and center with little marketing or investment (except perhaps for China for the time being). The handset manufacturer is reported to be looking at spending around £80 million (about $127 million US) on repairing the once-superior brand in the current competitive UK market (where RIM is currently also a threat as well as iOS and Android).

What's interesting to note is the October mentioning in the article over at Marketing Magazine. An October start to the campaign would surely merit a device release at that time too? We've previously looked at reports of Nokia not bringing any devices until 2012, but only volume will ship in 2012, Nokia is still looking to get a device out into the wild by Christmas at least.

Nokia works with Wieden & Kennedy, Fallon and R/GA, among others in the UK for promotion and marketing. The handset manufacturer recently unveiled a campaign for their QWERTY range of devices; the C3, E5, and E6. You can watch the advert (made by Wieden & Kennedy) for these below:

Unfortunately for Nokia, with some potential customers out there, the only way they'll buy the WP7 marketing campaign is if the company uses the dog and girl photo on this article in a "you don't need Android or iOS" context. What do you guys make of this report?

Source: Marketing Magazine, via: GoMo News