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As things are heating up on this Labor Day weekend, Nokia appears to be still having some fun with Samsung—or at least that is one interpretation of the oddly placed image above.

Appearing on Nokia’s Facebook page, the photo shows two toy dump trucks—one offloading coins, the other carrying away a Lumia—with the caption ‘Which do you prefer?’.

So why is it funny? It appears to be an inside tech joke that made the rounds last week regarding the Apple v Samsung trial.

As we all remember, Samsung was orderd to pay Apple $1.05 billion in damages by the court for patent infringements. Though it will be some time before that payment actually happens (pending appeals and all), a Mexican parody website ran the story that Samsung had already paid Apple the large sum…in nickels.

The story alleged that 30 trucks filled with 5 cent coins actually showed up to Cupertino and wanted to make payment on behalf of Samsung. The story spread to numerous sites, including Mobile Entertainment and it became a running joke.

Of course the incident never happened (surely there would be photos) but that evidently hasn’t stopped Nokia from having fun with it either, hence the above image offering the choice between paying Apple in fines or just getting a Lumia. (Although they seem to have used dimes instead).

Funny? Mean? Playful? We’ll leave that to you but we have to admit, we rather like when these tech companies have some fun at each other’s expense—we are after all talking about cell phones.

This would the second time this week Nokia has taken a potshot at Samsung, raising the stakes for next week's event.

Source: Facebook