Nokia is up to their old tricks again, taking to Twitter to tease something for tomorrow. In case you needed a reminder, tomorrow is Friday the 13th and legend has it it’s an unlucky day. Well, unless you rock a hockey mask, live on Crystal Lake, have mommy issues and a grudge against promiscuous teens.

What could tomorrow hold? Your guess is as good as ours.

Before you ask, we checked Nokia’s support page and AT&T is still listed as “waiting for approval” for the Lumia 920 and GDR2, so unless that changes soon, we don’t think that’s it. New app? A bloody red Lumia 1020 (rumored to be coming)? That red Lumia 928 for Verizon? Maybe just a silly joke?

Sound off in comments as to your guess.

Update: None of you remembered that a certain Lumia 925 for AT&T goes on sale tomorrow ;)

Source: Nokia (Twitter); Thanks, Jon M., for the tip