Nokia Trailers

Hot on the tail of the Dark Knight Rises app for Lumia phones comes Nokia Trailers. The app pulls no punches as it is what it sounds like--an app for viewing all the latest trailers and teaser clips from the latest Hollywood movies.

Nokia Trailers

The app though goes beyond just streaming by allowing you to also download the trailer for offline viewing. In addition you get a cool Live Tile to alert you when new trailers are added to the system so you can keep up on all the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Other features include:

  • Watch list - Set reminders for movies you want to see
  • Share your favorite trailers with friends
  • Locate local theaters nearby 

We'll be honest, we've been looking for such an app for a long time on Windows Phones and this fits the bill nicely. We're big movie fans around here so being able to stream and watch the latest trailers with no garish ads, having reminders for movies and being able to share on our social networks are all pretty cool features. Nice job, Nokia.

Pick up Nokia Trailers here in the Nokia Collection Marketplace. Thank, mrfu55y, for the link

Update: You can see the "shared" link which shows off the Nokia Trailers app.

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