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Nokia TV, a television programme streaming app for Lumia Windows Phones, has been confirmed to be launching in Finland in the coming weeks, according to an announcement article over at Nokia conversations. We previously looked at Nokia's latest Windows Phone OEM app courtesy of WP7Forum.ru.

A quick reminder of notable features:

  • View TV shows provided by local networks.
  • Videos can be downloaded to the device (presumably for offline usage).
  • Does not use technology for mobile TV (DVB-H).
  • Search for content / programmes within the application.

Nokia TV is set to be released in the next few weeks, and will then allow Finnish Lumia owners to enjoy programme streaming while on the go with offline functionality (similar to Nokia Music) hopefully implemented. Will the app be released beyond the borders? We're not entirely sure, but we'd certainly be excited at the prospect of Nokia TV expanding to other countries.

Requiring no registration or account creation, the app will provide users the means to browse / search available catch-up TV catalogues from major broadcasters. Mika Suomela, head of TV and video at Nokia, explains the idea behind the service:

"With Nokia TV we are bringing existing services in Finland together in a convenient way. We're making it easier for people to find and watch TV, while supporting broadcasters' existing internet TV business models. Finland is the ideal country in which to introduce this service due to its advanced mobile user base and great existing broadcaster catch-up TV services."

Nokia TV is expected to launch within the next few weeks in Finland only. 

Source: Nokia Conversation