Now that Nokia seems to have kicked into high gear their movement to get Instagram onto Windows Phone (or they’re just building hype for its eventual release, if you’re into conspiracy) it makes sense that they tidy up their main app for it.

#2InstaWithLove has been bumped for all Windows Phones to version 2.1 today, though there is no changelog present and a quick perusal does not reveal any new features.


If you’re new to the whole #2InstaWithLove operation, it’s an attempt to get the voices heard of Windows Phone users who want Instagram on the platform. The app can take photos (or change existing ones) using the hipster polaroid camera effect, which can then be shared on the #2InstaWithLove website and tweeted with the aforementioned hashtag. The idea seems to be raise attention and/or build hype.

Regardless, it’s actually a nice little app that is well designed and does a solid job on making your pics more Instagram-like. You can pick it up here in the Store for all Windows Phones. Notice any changes? Let us know in comments.

Thanks, Marc M. and others for the tip!

QR: #2instawithlove