Nokia Pulse

Nokia Pulse is an app currently in beta that aims to make messaging with contacts easier, particularly when attempting to meet. Instead of sending multiple SMS messages, with Nokia Pulse one can send a message with it automatically tagging current location.

The app will also suggest a place to meet, complete with ratings, reviews, map directions and more. It essentially cuts down the multiple app usage when attempting to achieve similar results. The good news is the beta is coming soon to both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.8.

Nokia Pulse is reportedly deeply integrated with Nokia Maps, which will pull in the rich details, including ratings, reviews, directions and more all within the app. A Pulse Live Tile can be created that will alert the user to any new messages that have been received by the Windows Phone, or pin an individual conversation to filter notifications through and only be alerted for new entries in that thread. 

To remind us what's new in the latest version:

  • Conversation live tile – pin a specific conversation to your Start screen
  • Pulse from landing page – tap in the “Send a message” box and go directly to the Compose screen
  • Recognize multiple email addresses for an individual user

You can try out the latest beta by heading over to Nokia Beta Labs.

Source: Nokia Beta Labs; thanks, Tomáš Taro, for the tip!