Last week Nokia moved Glance out into the open in Settings, which we covered in detail. The update was to make discoverability of Nokia’s many custom settings that much easier but alas, there was a prescient sign of things to come with the change: a new toggle for Notifications on Glance.

We speculated at the time Nokia was going to be adding Notifications to the Glance screen, enabling email and SMS visual alerts. Not a day later did we see the GDR3 and Nokia Bittersweet shimmer leak in our forums confirming our assumption.

A future update will enable notifications on Glance

We guess all of the attention spooked Nokia a bit as we’re getting flooded with tips that Glance received another update today and it now removes that Notification option. No doubt that’s because the feature isn’t quite ready yet and Nokia wants to avoid confusion. There’s no word on when the real feature is coming nor if it is dependent on GDR3/Bittersweet shimmer.

Unfortunately since Glance now has its own Store link, we have yet to procure the new URL. Then again, since you’re actually losing a non-functioning feature, we don’t see the rush to update either. We’ll update those post when get a link, but for now consider this an FYI post.

Thanks, David B., and everyone else for the tips!