Nokia has been busy pushing out small and subtle updates for their core Lumia apps on Windows Phone. While these have not brought any new features, they all tend to say “support for more devices” under their changelogs.

Next week, Nokia is expected to announce a few new Lumias at their Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi. Coincidence? Not at all. Some of those devices should feature a 1080P display, and while current apps will technically run fine at that resolution, developers are encouraged to rethink some scaling and graphics for their apps to make them look the best.

Clearly Nokia has a leg up here, which is why we’re seeing this updates go through. This morning, Nokia has bumped two apps for that new hardware, and they include:

Obviously, we don’t see anything in the way of new features, though perhaps you may find something. So if you really feel compelled to have the latest and greatest for these apps, click the above links to get them now.

Meanwhile, we’re prepping our team for the long flight to Abu Dhabi for live coverage of Nokia’s announcements.

Thanks, David B., for the tip

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