Nokia made a short appearance at MIX'11 yesterday and with the increased enthusiasm Marco Argenti (head of developer experience at Nokia) showed, it would seem that Nokia are really steaming ahead with the planning and early development stages of their WP7 adoption.

Eldar Murtazin, a dude with inside Nokia knowledge, has claimed to be in the know how with Nokia's WP7 device plans while getting his hands on a prototype. What's interesting is the naming scheme given to the two devices Eldar mentioned - the W7 and W8. He goes on to explain that the W7 is built on similar grounds of the X7 and the W8 (packing an 8 MP camera) is a variant of the N8, Nokia's current flagship device.

Imagine the current N8 running WP7 Mango, would be quite an experience. The prototypes are all being built on Qualcomm chipsets and the W7 is currently being handled in-house for development purposes, which will likely be the first device from Nokia to market, according to Eldar. Should neither appeal to you don't cut all hope as Mr Murtazin also says that Nokia has a dozen WP7 devices planned for 2012 - which could all change depending on the W7 and W8 releases (if this rumour holds true of course).

What do you make of these roumors, and do the above Nokia devices sound appealing to you?

Source: Harahabr, via: Engadget