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We like app updates. They take apps that we like and make them better. You’ll get more features, improvements on existing features and bug fixes. That’s typically what happens when you head to the Windows Phone Store to update an app. Which is why it’s a little odd that the Nokia edition of the Weather Channel just lost some functionality in its latest update. Details below.

Head to the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see version of Nokia’s Weather Channel. Here’s what’s new (and removed) in this latest update:

  • Fixed banner ads functionality
  • Removed: augmented reality, my friends weather, and iWitness photos
  • Updated tile content and main panorama
  • Fixed 10 days forecast line break, assorted minor bug fixes, and performance improvements

Weather Channel Nokia

Fixed banner ads? We can dig that. Fixes for the line break in the 10 days forecast? We can also dig that. Update the content for the Live tile and main panorama? Sweet. Address minor bugs and throw in some performance improvements? That sounds good to us. What’s a little odd though is that augmented reality, my friends weather, and iWitness photos was removed.

We just updated the app and sure enough augmented reality and iWitness photos are nowhere to be found, but we still see the “my friends weather” section. What’s going on? We’re not entirely too sure, but the app does feel zippier.

It’s also worth noting that we’re not seeing an update for the non-Nokia Collection version of the Weather Channel.

Rocking a Lumia device? You can grab the newest version of the Weather Channel in the Nokia Collection (Windows Phone Store). You can also use the QR code below.

Thanks for the tip Rodney!

QR: Nokia Weather Channel