Nokia Welcomes Back Samsung

Nokia has humorously welcomed Samsung back to Windows Phone, thanks to a photo published to Twitter by Doug Dawson, Media Relations Head for Nokia. In the image, one can see a banner being held that reads "Samsung: Nokia welcomes you back to Windows Phone...". Samsung announced its ATIV S smartphone running Windows Phone 8 yesterday at IFA 2012, in Berlin.

Some have been surprised that Samsung managed to beat Nokia by unveiling the first Apollo Windows Phone, but Dawson offers reassurances that Nokia is going to hit hard next week.

Doug Dawson Tweet

It's certainly an interesting move to visit IFA with such signs and call Samsung's Windows Phone presentation a "warm up" for the real deal. Then again, with what Nokia has produced in the past year for Windows Phone, we're definitely looking forward to what the Finnish manufacturer has in store for consumers.

What's more is Dawson went on to offer Maggie Reardon, reporter at CNET, a camera phone for her upcoming wedding. A wink was added to this tweet which makes us believe there's something big happening.

Are you looking forward to what Nokia is going to unveil to the techsphere? Be sure to sound off in the comments.

Source: Doug Dawson (Twitter), via: My Nokia Blog