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Image removed by request from ALPS

With just a few weeks before Nokia World is scheduled to take place it is not too surprising to see more and more leaks happening regarding the Finnish company’s Windows Phone 8 plans.

The photo to the right is just another piece of that puzzle and is certainly one of the more unique pieces of evidence to come out. What we are allegedly looking at is the display frame for a new Nokia Windows Phone that came from one of Nokia’s new screen sub-contractors called ALPS (that company does make capactive panels for smartphones).

Measuring roughly 4.3” across the part looks to be a reference design used to manufacture the expected high-resolution display (1280x720 or 800x480). Besides the new Windows Phone 8 logo and hole for the ambient light sensor not much else can be garnered from the image.

However, if we were to speculate we would guess this may be a part from Nokia's more mid-range offering that is expected to be one of three devices revealed next month.

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The reason for this conclusion is that this looks like it won’t be part of a unibody, polycarbonate design but rather a more traditional multi-part frame akin to the Lumia 610 or 710. In fact, with no “extra” hole for the front-facing camera that may be the case (ambient light sensors are required according to the chassis documents but front-facing cameras are optional). It also looks nothing like the 'Phi' which is supposedly another upcoming Nokia Windows Phone.

On the other hand, this could literally be just a rip of the display for reference purposes only instead of a planned manufactured part.

Source: CNBeta; via WPXAP; Thanks, talan1314, for the tip!