Coming straight from the mouth of a Microsoft employee Omar Aviles (LinkedIn) comes word that Mexico, at some point, will be getting a Nokia Windows Phone.

The news came about a comment in regards to a contest/promotion that Microsoft Mexico is having aka the return of the 3x1 contest whereby you have to publish three apps by November 4, 2011. At least one of those apps must feature some new Mango functionality, as that just makes sense. In turn, you're eligible to win 1 of 30 new Windows Phones direct from Microsoft--sounds pretty good.

But which phones could you win, asks Giovanni in comments? Aviles responds (translated):

"LG are teams that are upgradeable to handle (all registered developers APP HUB can update your Windows Phone and Mango), we will also have Nokia equipment but the winners have to decide if they want to wait until they are available in Mexico."

So that seems pretty cut and dry. And while we don't have a firm date, our friends in Mexico should be pretty excited that they too, shall be touched by the Nokia phone gods. Thanks, Luis Jaime G., for the tip!