Nokia Car Charger

We've experienced Nokia tease and show off its upcoming wireless charging car stand (the CR-200), with the most recent sighting at the Nokia Lumia 925 and Lumia 928 event in London. We also got to check out Nokia's docking app that would launch through NFC as the Lumia Windows Phone is inserted into the stand. Today we're pleased to relay news that this very product has now passed through FCC.

Nokia Wireless Charging Car Stand FCC

What does this mean for consumers? We'll likely see the accessory make its way to Nokia's online store and supporting retailers soon enough. If you're looking for an official solution for installing you Lumia Windows Phone in your vehicle, there may not be much of a wait left to endure. Here's our quick look at the product back at the event in London (also sporting the app):

What's also interesting to note from the FCC filing is how the car charging stand will also come with cable clips and an extension for extra length (see above FCC image), which will be handy should you have some distance from the port and windscreen. The user manual is also presently available if you're wanting to get on top of your homework before purchasing one.

Check out more shots (including internals) and information over on the FCC website.

Source: FCCthanks, jmajid, for the heads up!