glance background

Nokia has officially announced it will no longer provide any further updates for its Glance Background beta app for Windows Phone, although it will still remain available for download in the Windows Phone Store.

Nokia first released the app in October 2013 but has not updated it since its launch. Today, the company confirmed it won't be offering any new versions of Glance Background, which allows Lumia smartphone owners to select images that can be seen when the Glance Screen is active.

Nokia thanked the people who offered feedback on the app during the beta period and noted that it was a "popular feature". It added, "Although we aren't expecting to update this specific beta app any further, we continue to explore ways to improve glance screen capabilities in general."

Hopefully now that Nokia's smartphone division is part of Microsoft, we will see updates to Glance that will include features like a custom background out of the box. What do you think of this decision not to update the app?

Thanks to Bill for the tip!

Source: Nokia