So the rumor of the day is something about Nokia making a phone featuring Windows Phone 7. The source, Times Online, mentions this tidbit in passing in a general article about British tech companies stating:

Wolfson suffered a blow in 2008 after it lost a contract to supply components for the Apple iPod. However, some of the pain was lessened last year after it was selected by a leading mobile phone manufacturer — believed to be Nokia — to provide some of the technology for its new Windows Mobile handset.

Yeah, that's not really much to go on. Does anyone really think Nokia, who has been quite happy with the Symbian OS, would do such a thing? Then again, Palm did it a few years ago with some initial success. But there's an important difference: Palm was desperate (having lost control of Garnet), Nokia...not so much.

We should also mention that Microsoft and Nokia did just announce a partnership, with Nokia agreeing to distribute Microsoft's 'Communicator Mobile' a "...unified communications client connects directly with a company's communications systems for mobile collaboration". While certainly a great move for both companies, that really doesn't get us to "ZOMG, Nokia is making a Windows Phone!".

What we think: Microsoft and Nokia are certainly working closely together to dislodge RIM, but to suggest they are swingers with their OS's is a bit of stretch.

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