Abu_Dhabi Hotel

Good evening folks, at least for those of you who are on Abu Dhabi time! The Windows Phone Central team is assembling in this fascinating part of the world, with myself and Sam Sabri arriving today and iMore’s Richard Devine lending a hand as well. What for? Why Nokia World 2013, of course.

You read that right, we’ll have no less than three pairs of boots on the ground for this triumphant occasion, starting on Tuesday, October 22nd. On top of that, we’ll have our usual crack team of Rich Edmonds and George Ponder manning the backend for all day coverage.

Abu_Dhabi Hotel

During that event on Tuesday, we’re expecting Nokia to announce a handful of new devices to continue the Lumia story, including the Lumia 1520 (phablet) and Lumia 2520 (tablet) and a few other goodies. What else is in store? We have a few ideas, but why ruin the surprise?

Tune in on Tuesday for the live stream and the Windows Phone Central live blog, plus hands on with the new devices, our first thoughts on what was announced, some interviews (we hear Stephen Elop will be around, taking questions) and maybe we’ll even squeeze in a podcast.

We have a lot planned for the next few days, so keep your eyes glued on this site. Need more? Make sure you follow us on Twitter, as we’ll be posting behind the scenes happenings and photos!

  • Daniel Rubino, Editor in Chief, Windows Phone Central - @daniel_rubino
  • Sam Sabri, Managing Editor, Windows Phone Central - @samsabri
  • Richard Devine, Senior Editor, iMore - @ricker666

You can follow all our coverage at: www.wpcentral.com/nokia-world-2013

* Images captured with the Nokia Lumia 1020