Nokia promotes

Riding their slogan of "The Amazing Everyday," Nokia will be riding around France to promote the Lumia 800 in their "Amazing Vans" contest.  Starting today, Nokia reps will be making stops in several cities in specialized vans, each equipped with an acrobatic mixologist, dispensing fancy coffee and juice beverages to passers-by.  Those who partake will also be handed tickets to enter a sweepstakes to win a Lumia 800 phone, or possibly, a custom Volkswagen van designed by artist Vincent de Colagene.  Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, and The Phone House are all taking part.

If you live in France, or find yourself so desperate for a Lumia 800 that you will travel there, here is where the Amazing Vans will be visiting starting today:

  •     Paris : place du Châtelet, boulevard Sébastopol, rue Pierre Lescot
  •     Paris : boulevard Haussmann, rue Saint-Lazare
  •     Paris : boulevard Saint Germain, rue Saint Jacques, boulevard Saint Michel
  •     Lyon : rue de la République, rue de Grenette
  •     Bordeaux : rue Sainte Catherine
  •     Nantes : devant le centre commercial Beaulieu
  •     Strasbourg : rue des Grandes Arcades, place de la Cathédrale
  •     Boulogne Billancourt : rue Jean Jaurès, rue Gallieni

The promo runs until Friday, December 2.

Source: Professor Thibault (Thanks for the tip, Professor!)