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Nokia City Lens - from beta to official

It was just over two weeks ago that Nokia’s City Lens app, which allows users to find “things to do” using their compass, camera phone and accelerometer, received an update and now the official release is out. The augmented reality app has proven to be quite popular with users, so it's nice to see it finally go official.

Billed as version 1.1, the app is neither listed in the Nokia Collection nor available by search—but we managed to get the link for you folks to use now (as soon as the app propagates to your Marketplace servers).

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No word if this official one is any different than beta release but seeing as both are on version 1.1, we’re going to suggest they are the same.

Current Lumia users can attempt to download the official version by using this link. Note: you may get an error message due to the early-release of this Marketplace link. If so, just try again later. It took us a few attempts to grab it.

Make sure to check out our mini-review of City Lens beta from a few months ago. Thanks, Mark T., for the link

QR: City Lens Off