Nokia's Stephen Elop sat down for a fairly extensive interview on all things Nokia. Of course a few tidbits about Windows Phone 7 came up as well, plus Nokia's general strategy going forward.

Elop is still making the distinction between shipping in volume and when we'll 'see' the first Nokia-Windows Phone handsets--the former being in 2012, the latter end of 2011. But the distinction is a little more clear now with 2012 looking to not only be when we see mass shipping, but a whole range ("portfolio") of devices coming from Finnish company. The other date is the last quarter of 2011 where there's a good chance, according to Elop, that we'll see at least a Nokia-Windows Phone. That strategy seems to make sense to us as they want something, anything out their ASAP.

Elop also noted that release dates will be announced very close to product availability, meaning we won't be getting any large lead times on new devices, but possibly only weeks before launch (this is to aid any "delays" that may occur e.g. the Verizon router, ahem).

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Source: Areena; Thanks, Aki Antman, WPSauce for the tip