More staffing changes are coming to Nokia

As part of their 2012 initiative cut costs and realign certain business functions, Nokia announced it will begin outsourcing certain IT responsibilities to HCL Technologies and TATA Consultancy Services.

This decision could affect about 1100 current Nokia employees, including 300 layoffs and up to 820 employees getting transferred to the aforementioned consulting firms. All changes are expected to occur solely within their workforce in Finland.

A press release from the Finnish manufacturer states that they are "beginning the process of engaging with employee representatives on these plans in accordance with country-specific legal requirements." It also says that all employees affected by this latest volley of cuts will receive "financial support and a comprehensive Bridge support program," though no details are given.

While nobody likes to see job cuts, the bright side is that this is last round of employment changes that Nokia expects to make as part of their plan announced last June. And from a business perspective, it's a good sign for Nokia as a company that they do not anticipate having to make any further major cuts. That's not much consolation to those workers who are being transferred or losing their jobs, but it's a much silver lining as one can expect from such a thing.

Source: Nokia