Lumia 920

The Lumia 920, Nokia's pride and joy from 2012, is now available on Three UK. The Windows Phone has been exclusively held by EE since the mobile operator entered into the market late last year, launching the first 4G LTE network in the UK. While Three (and all other UK mobile operators) cannot upgrade to LTE until Spring this year, it's good to see smartphones with such capabilities hitting shelves in preparation.

That said, Three does have the next best thing for the time being. DC-HSDPA, for improved Internet connectivity.

So when will the Lumia 920 be ready to ship to customers on Three UK? February 5th. How much will you be required to pay? The handset is available on The One Plan for £36 a month with a £69 upfront fee. This plan includes unlimited data, 2,000 call minutes (with a further 5,000 to other Three numbers), and 5,000 SMS on a 24-month contract. If that's not your style there's always the PAYG option of £449 (locked to Three).

To quickly recap on the Lumia 920 specifications, you're looking at a 1.5GHz chip, 1GB RAM, 8.7MP rear shooter (with FFC), 32GB storage, wireless charging, NFC, 4.5" display, 2000 mAh battery and more. It's a feature rich smartphone with advanced functionality that competing devices simply do not possess. 

As noted above, the Lumia 920 will be restricted in speeds until UK mobile operators are able to join EE and launch respective LTE network upgrades. Three currently has a number of Windows Phone 8 solutions available for consumers, including the HTC 8X and 8S. But if you're not after the latest gadgets and are comfortable with Windows Phone 7.8, the company sports the Lumia 610, Lumia 620, Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 at reasonable prices.

Source: Three, via: @ThreeUK

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