Nokia Elop

Nokia has today published its interim financial report for Q2 2013 and while the company has seemingly won the battle against BlackBerry, Nokia is still posting losses.

The report shows Lumia Windows Phone sales going up to 7.4 million in the quarter, a significant improvement on BlackBerry's 6.8 million. Revenues of this quarter stand at €5.69 billion ($7.4 billion - matching the number of Lumias sold), down from $9.2 billion the same time last year. Today's report has overall loss at €115 million ($150 million).

Looking at Lumia sales, the company continues to witness growth with 7.4 million proving to be a sizeable jump from 5.6 million in the previous quarter (Q1 2013). 4.4 million were shipped in Q4 2012, showing a positive trend that should see Nokia hitting the 8 million marker in the next report. It's also interesting to look at the QoQ change in sales in North America, pinned at 22 percent (comparing Q1 2013 and Q2 2013). Note: the Lumia 925 is only just launching on T-Mobile and we're yet to see the highly anticipated Lumia 1020.

But the sales of Lumia Windows Phones isn't the only highlight in the report. Nokia HERE services lost €89 million ($116 million) and the Nokia Siemens Networks joint-venture came away with €8 million ($10.4 million) in profit. We've previously looked at Nokia's venture with Siemens and how the Finnish manufacturer is looking to acquire and integrate the now profitable division.

Good news: Windows Phone is really kicking off in third position. Bad news: Nokia still has some way to go yet, but it's on the right track. With Microsoft continuing to back the OEM partner, Windows Phone has to see some serious growth later this year if Nokia is to tackle its losses.

Source: Nokia