Nokia and Deadmau5 came together once again in the name of Lumia and produced an event of lights and magic for many who managed to attend the action in London on Wednesday evening. A light show was hosted, as well as an aftermath concert at Electric Brixton, which shared a live stream of the London square with those who were watching online.

Nokia reports that thousands (evident from coverage and photos of the event) gathered to witness the magic that Deadmau5 and Nokia were both conjuring up using Flat Iron Square as a base for an impressive display. While many may view last year's Millbank Tower projection as more of a triumph, this year's event wasn't far off (if not better).

Conor Pierce, VP for Nokia had the following to say on the event:

"We see the Lumia 920 as one of the most exciting phones we have launched at Nokia, it includes some truly ground-breaking innovations: Wireless charging, a screen that automatically adjusts its colour and brightness, depending on sunlight, a touchscreen that even works when you're wearing gloves and best of all it's a beautiful device; like the 'This is Lumia' event the 920 looks just awesome."

As mentioned above, Deadmau5 also performed at a gig in Brixton after the light show, which we attended. Be sure to check out how the Lumia 920 fared when used to record some of the action.

Source: YouTube