Hulu posted the first episode of its ambitious eight-part series 11.22.63 today for its paid subscribers, but US-based Xbox owners who have the Hulu app but don't pay for the service will be able to watch that first episode for free until Sunday, Feb. 21.

Based on the novel by Stephen King and produced by J.J. Abrams, the series stars James Franco as a man who is sent back into time to the year 1960 to prevent the assassination of U.S. President John. F. Kennedy on, of course, November 22, 1963. Unlike Netflix, which releases all the episodes of its original series at the same time, Hulu is taking a more traditional route and releasing one episode of 11.22.63 every Monday.

This offer comes one day after the new universal Windows 10 app for Hulu was released on Sunday.

Source: Microsoft