Lumia 640XL

Northumbria police have announced the UK force will deploy 3,652 Windows 10 Mobile phones to officers, ensuring that they're no longer restricted to stations to achieve technological tasks.

The Windows-based devices – which appear to be the Lumia 640 XL – will allow officers to record incidents at the scene of a crime, as well as carry out vehicle checks and more without relying on calls to the communications center. Images can even be forwarded to these mobile devices of missing or wanted personnel while out on patrol.

Northumbria Police Assistant Chief Constable, Jo Farrell, commented on the announcement:

"Policing across the entire country has changed dramatically in recent years and we need to modernise the way we work to deliver an outstanding service to the public we serve. Our chief constable has been committed to investing in the future of Northumbria Police since he took over last year and this is a clear indication of the direction the force is moving in. Frontline officers can get images of missing or wanted persons sent direct to their phablet while out on patrol, they can update an incident at the scene and soon they will be able to use them to take witness statements."

It's positive to see a police force in the UK not only roll out smartphones to officers but also offer a software solution to aid the force in keeping communities safe.