Ever access your bank account on your phone? Ever use a password for a website on your phone? Do you download email attachment on your handheld? If you do any one of these, then do you really need a security app to help protect you or not? Symantec of the Norton fame says yes. (Ed. Note: we here at WMExperts have previously said "No, but someday soon that will change"). Norton's take:

[...]unsecure public WiFi or network connections can put users at risk. In addition, Web and e-mail viruses can directly infect smartphones, enabling hackers to remotely control the device, access sensitive information or disable applications. Norton Smartphone Security runs discreetly in the background, providing the confidence and peace of mind to engage in everyday activities like e-mailing, Web browsing or banking online from these handheld devices.

Their line of reasoning is that ”34 percent of respondents said they access their bank accounts via their mobile device and 54 percent of respondents said they access Web sites that require a password. As more users transact using their mobile devices, the financial incentives for virus writers and mobile hackers will follow.” I have to admit that I do all of these things on my phone. My main thought when someone says security for my mobile phone is not hackers but actually stealing my phone and browsing through my info at their leisure.

You can see all the details on their website here. It is a subscription based product at $29.99 a year…..which without using it or seeing how well it works sounds potentially a little steep for the average WM user. I also wonder about compatibility. They only list on GSM WM 5 device, the Palm Treo 750v, as being compatible with no mention about WM6 either way. (I just might see detailed a review in the future here at WMExperts.com)