It was just a few nights ago that Notifications, a third party app from Windows Phone Hacker, was cleared for the Store. The app filled an important gap on the OS, allowing a centralized area for app notifications and although it seemingly had mixed reviews, it was still an impressive first step.

Now we’re getting word that the app has been removed from the Store, meaning if you had paid for it you no longer have access to it...

Jaxbot, the developer behind the app is of course aware of its disappearance but is remaining mum on the matter only noting on his Twitter feed that he didn’t pull it and that he “can’t talk about it”.

If we had to read between the lines, it’s quite obvious Microsoft pulled the plug either because the app violated some aspect of the Store’s policies or perhaps because Microsoft has some other plans for their own Notification app (wouldn’t that be cool?).

For now though, if you have the app you’ll want to not uninstall it as there’s no telling if it will return at a later date. We’ll try to follow along to see if there are any further developments. If you have Notifications installed, what are your thoughts on it? Let us know in comments.

Thanks, Mohammed A., for the tip!