Notifications for Windows Phone 7

For those looking for a notifications center, you might be in luck. Notifications is now available in the Windows Phone Store that should do the trick.

The downside to Notifications is that it's only available for Windows Phone 7.x devices (not sure about 7.8 devices though). The developer is trying to rectify that but it'll take some time.

Notification Center

You will need a companion program, Notification Center, running on your computer to complete the Windows Phone installation. Here's how to go about it.

  • Install the Notification Center on your computer (that you can find here).
  • Install the Notifications app on your Windows Phone (that you can find here).
  • Run the Notifications Center on your computer and connect your Windows Phone to your computer.
  • Let your Windows Phone sync with Zune then re-start your Windows Phone without disconnecting.

Once your Windows Phone re-starts you can disconnect and the Notifications app should be operational. That is, when you get a notification on your Windows Phone, it will be logged in the Notifications app and you'll get... well... a notification.

Notifications for Windows Phone 7

Installation went smooth and to be honest, I don't get many notifications and getting one to pop up could take all night (if not longer). If that should change, I'll let you know or if you try Notifications out and get a notification first, speak up in the comments.

The developer does note that if you were a Beta Tester who donated to the cause and your name is on the tester list, the app will be free. The cost is mainly due to the load cost of the Notification Center. There is a trial version available for Notifications and the full version is running $2.99.

Again, you can find Notifications here in the Windows Phone Store. Just keep in mind it is only compatible with Windows Phone 7 at this time.

source: windowsphonehacker

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