We broke the news last week that Liquid Daffodil will be releasing a notification center system called Unification for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 sometime in the near future (it's officially in Beta testing as we speak).. The system is opt-in meaning devs can just add a line of code to their app to hook into it. Now it looks like a competing system is starting to take form from Alex White, called NotifyMe!

The app is still vaporware at this time and like LD’s, it uses an opt-in system for developers to use the notification system. The concept is interesting as it evidently uses the dynamic Lock Screen ability in Windows Phone 8 to generate new wallpaper (we’re assuming) when there’s a new notification.

Competing: Liquid Daffodil's Unification service

At this point in time we have a little more faith in Liquid Daffodil’s vision if only because they’ve delivered numerous high quality apps in the past and really have their noodle wrapped around Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.  In addition, their Unification system seems more robust, eventually extending to Windows Phone 7.x devices and Windows 8 as well.

It’s still a good thing though to see other developers take on the project of filling in the gaps on Windows Phone. It remains to be seen how well though they can compete against each and to win over consumers for such a service. In a Windows Phone Central Poll from August of last year, the top requested feature for Windows Phone 8 was a notification center with 22% of the vote.

Speaking of Liquid Daffodil's Unification, we'll have some more images and details of that project coming up later today.

Source: NotifyMe!