If you’re a particularly keen user you may have spotted that the v3.2 update for our official app has just hit the marketplace. This is another incremental update clearing up some of the loose ends since the v3 release and various updates to our website.

You can pick up the update on the Windows Phone marketplace here, but if you want to know what’s coming first you can find the change list below.

  • Added option to receive e-mail alerts when someone replies to your comment
  • Added comment editing functionality
  • Updated comment icons to be a higher resolution
  • Changed live tile to render at double resolution to improve sharpness on Windows Phone 8
  • Fixed most instances of the black live tile bug
  • Fixed a bug where the app would crash when thanking in the forums
  • Implemented fixes for image viewing in forums as well as the option to view images which fail to load in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed a crash caused by using emoji in comments
  • A few other smaller bug fixes not worth mentioning

This update applies to Windows Phone 7 users and above so can be downloaded by the broadest possible audience. Of course we are aware that those of you with Windows Phone 8 devices would like an upgrade (particularly to make the most of 16:9 resolutions where you have them). We will be producing such an update but there is a little more work than expected to ensure we make the most of the new resolutions, so bear with us whilst we get it right.

As always your feedback is welcomed in any form, be it comment, forum post, email or app review, we’ll endeavour to respond wherever possible.