It's not something that's new, but we were reminded of it today, so that means it's worth reminding everyone else, too. During one of our multiple sit-downs with the Xbox team at Gamescom, Microsoft reiterated that the Xbox app for Windows 10 will see regular, monthly updates. Similar to the way the update schedule works for the Xbox One.

It also furthers indicates why having Xbox functionality on Windows 10 baked into an app, rather than the core operating system, is a good thing. Because it can be updated this often without having to go through the cycle of OS updates. Just the same as with the other core apps on Windows 10 like Mail, Calendar and so on.

On speaking with the Xbox PC team it's clear there's a massive buzz now that Windows 10 is out in the wild. We've already been given plenty at launch, with the headline act being the game streaming feature.

And before anyone asks, yes, Microsoft also acknowledged that they would like to be able to do PC to Xbox streaming. No doubt there's a ton of things that the team would like to do, but that doesn't mean it will be done. Xbox to PC streaming is much easier to accomplish with the controlled hardware of the Xbox One doing the heavy lifting. PC configurations, particularly for gaming, differ greatly.

And we shouldn't hold out many hopes for Kinect support with game streaming any time soon, either. Technically, we're told it's doable, but the experience is optimized for the overwhelming majority, and that's controller support. The sad truth is there just aren't enough Kinect dedicated games out there, and building it for those, like FIFA, that use it but are not reliant on it, is probably a drain on resources that could be better spent.