It looks like one of the more unique Windows Phones out there, the NuAns Neo, is due for a successor. On the official NuAns Neo website (via, the company has posted a teaser for an announcement coming on February 20, which just happens to be right before Mobile World Congress kicks off in force.

NuAns Neo 2 teased ahead of February 20 reveal

The text above the shrouded mystery phone in the teaser directly translates to "Everything is new. All in one." The text at the bottom says that everything will become clear on February 20. In usual teaser fashion, there are no other details to speak of.

When it was first revealed, the original NuAns Neo stood at as one of the more unusual phones on the market. What made it so interesting, and indeed was its big draw, was the fact that the Neo could be heavily customized with many different textures and materials thanks to a slew of "TWOTONE" back covers for the top and bottom of the phone. In our hands-on with the Neo, we came away fairly impressed.

Unfortunately, the Neo never made it outside of its home country of Japan. NuAns launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring the phone to the rest of the world, but it ultimately ended without hitting its goal of $725,000. It's entirely possible that NuAns could be eyeing a wider launch for the NuAns Neo 2, but we'll have to wait until February 20 to learn more.

What would you like to see in a NuAns Neo 2?

Thanks to Edgar S. for the tip!