NXOE beta participants are being rewarded with an awesome Ninja Cat avatar prop

It looks like those who participated in the beta program for the New Xbox One Experience (NXOE) before it went live for everyone are in for a treat. Microsoft is rewarding beta participants with a pretty darn cool Ninja Cat prop for their avatars. You can check out the awesomeness of the avatar prop in the picture above. We'll just excuse ourselves if you need a minute to stare in awe of the "PEW!".

If you happened to participate in the NXOE beta, you should receive a message with a promo code for the prop through the Xbox app or when you boot your Xbox One back up. Simply redeem the code and you should be golden.

Enjoy your new Ninja Cat buddy, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Thanks to Nik and Jason M. for the tips!