Windows Phone vs BlackBerry

Android and iOS are so far ahead in the smartphone wars that at this point the biggest competitor for Windows Phone is BlackBerry. By some measures the battle for third place is already won by Windows Phone, but that doesn’t mean BlackBerry can’t fight back. Well the gap between BlackBerry and Windows Phone is about to get bigger. O2 Germany has just made the move to start pushing Windows Phone harder than ever.

O2 Germany, owned by Telefonica, has reportedly moved sales reps to the Nokia Lumia 520s. Store managers and above will be carrying the Lumia 925s. What are these Windows Phone devices taking the place of? BlackBerry devices.

O2 Germany drops BlackBerry for Windows Phone

Leaked document detailing the switch.

So why is Telefonica in the process of moving O2 Germany (and soon their other markets in the UK, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and Chile)? A combination of things. First, they’ll be saving more than $330,000 in BlackBerry enterprise fees. Second, the company likes the integration between Windows Phone and the rest of the enterprise offerings from Microsoft. Sounds very similar to the reasons why the Mall of America switched to Windows Phone from Blackberry.

Now if only those store managers could get a 64GB version Lumia 1020...

The information is not an official announcement from O2 Germany but rather an allegedly leaked internal document, meaning the information still needs to be verified.

What do you guys think of the move by O2 Germany and Telefonica?

Source: WMPU