Lumia Denim update for most devices not expected until early 2015 says UK carrier O2

UK carrier O2 recently took to its customer support forums to address the lack of Denim (and GDR1) updates to its Lumia devices. In so doing, they have confirmed that although the Lumia 930 has already received GDR1, other devices aren't expected to snag the updates until early next year.

It looks like Microsoft has yet to release the update to carriers, with O2 saying:

It's coming, but we're not expecting Microsoft to release these this year we're afraid, though you should start seeing them push out to Lumia devices in early 2015... Very early - January at present is what's looking likely.

On the topic of exactly when O2 customers could be seeing the update pushed to their devices, the carrier says they will work as quickly as possible to test it and roll it out:

We're on standby - as soon as Microsoft are ready to send us these updates for testing & approval, we'll get right on it as quickly as possible. As soon as this process is finished, we'll release the update back to Nokia for the final part - pushing it to you guys, our customers.

What do you guys think of an early 2015 rollout for Denim and GDR1? Are you disappointed?

Source: O2 Community Forums; Thanks to Andrew for the tip!

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