Here's an odd little game for your Windows Phone. Occupied has you assuming the role of the Head of Restroom Optimization. You need to direct patrons to the appropriate airport restroom before their flights depart.

Just drag the male/female symbol to the respective restroom for that particular gender. Sounds easy enough, right?

To help add to the games difficulty, there will be times when the restroom signs switch around, children symbols will begin to wander on their own into the wrong restroom, as well as that pesky timer that you are up against. Occupied has five difficulty levels; Impossible, Hard, Normal, Easy and Girly. As you progress with the levels of each difficulty the game, naturally, becomes more challenging.

Occupied is ad-supported with a small banner ad running along the bottom of the screen. In tinkering with Occupied for just a short time, I found it to be an entertaining, frustratingly addictive game. A game that really requires your undivided attention.

Occupied is a free game for your Windows Phone and you can find it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.